Surprise – Griffin Barrows and Aiden Ward

Posted On November - 4 - 2016

This two seyx men life together. To this time they weren’t gays but it happen. When one of them has been stroking his dick in the toilet second saw him. This moment was some kind of point from which they gone gays. Maybe the reason were their sexy bodies and well sticks which hang nice between their legs. Maybe that they have bad experiences which girls.

From this moment in toilet they can not only watch sport in TV together but they can fuck, too. It seems that they have nothing about feeling big cock into their tight asses. I will say more – they love it! It is only the matter of time when they will tell to their friends about this relationship. Maybe they will be shocked… it doesn’t matter because they really love each other so much.

Presented video comes from new website which has been called ShowerBait. Please check pour archive for more. We have just started building archive of this website. Enjoy wonderful videos of this very erotic site.

Below scene fetures: Aiden Ward and Griffin Barrows.


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